Upgrade Your Grill Game with BBQration Kitchen Aid Parts

Upgrade Your Grill Game with BBQration Kitchen Aid Parts

If⁤ you’re like us and love ⁤spending time outdoors with ​family‌ and friends while enjoying delicious⁢ BBQ meals, then‍ you’ll ⁤appreciate the Replacement Kit for Kitchen Aid 720-0745B 740-0780 860-0012 720-0745 720-0745A.‌ This kit from BBQration is designed to provide a better⁣ barbecue experience ‌by replacing ⁢the cooking grates, burners, and heat plates for Kitchenaid‌ grills. Made from 7mm solid stainless⁢ steel, these replacement parts offer great durability and⁣ resistance to corrosion. We were‍ impressed by the quality of ‍these‍ parts​ and ⁣how easy they were to install. If you’re looking to upgrade your grill for a more enjoyable grilling experience, be sure to check out the⁢ Replacement Kit from BBQration.‌ It’s a game ⁤changer for any BBQ⁣ enthusiast!

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Our⁢ Replacement Kit for Kitchen Aid⁣ grills is​ designed to ⁣enhance ⁣your outdoor‌ cooking experience. Made of solid stainless steel, ‌our kit includes cooking grates, burners, and heat plates to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. ‍Whether you’re‍ grilling for family​ gatherings or a casual BBQ ‌with friends, ​our replacement ⁣parts ⁤will⁣ help you create delicious meals with ease.

With dimensions that fit perfectly for Kitchen Aid 4-Burner Gas Grills and 30″ Built-in⁤ 4-Burner Gas Grills,‌ our kit includes everything you need for a seamless replacement. The package contents include 3-Pack 7mm Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, 4-Pack ​Heat Plates,⁣ 4-Pack Burners ‍and ​Ceramic ‍Electrode & Wire. Upgrade your​ grilling ​game with our‍ reliable and high-quality replacement parts. Click⁢ the link‍ below to order now and make‍ your next BBQ an unforgettable journey with BBQration!Impressive Solid Stainless ⁢Steel⁢ Construction
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When it comes to durability and quality, ⁤the Replacement​ Kit for‍ Kitchen Aid grills‌ truly‍ shines with⁢ its . ​The 7mm thick stainless steel ‍cooking grates,​ burners, and heat plates are built ⁤to ⁢last, providing greater durability‍ and resistance to corrosion. This kit is designed to withstand the‍ elements, whether in ‌LP or⁤ NG grills,‌ ensuring a long-lasting and‍ reliable performance.

The solid⁢ stainless steel construction ​not only adds a sleek and modern ​look to your grill but⁢ also⁤ enhances the‌ cooking experience by distributing heat evenly and efficiently. The package includes 3-pack ​cooking grates, 4-pack heat plates, 4-pack burners, and ceramic electrode‍ & wire, making it ‌a comprehensive replacement kit⁢ for‍ Kitchen Aid grills. If you’re looking to upgrade your grill and enjoy a hassle-free barbecue experience, this ‍Replacement Kit is the perfect choice. Check it out on Amazon for more details and‌ make ⁤your ⁤grill stand ⁣out⁣ with this high-quality‌ stainless steel ​kit! Click here to get your Replacement Kit now!Enhanced Cooking Performance and Durability
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Our outdoor cooking ‍experience has been completely transformed with the Replacement Kit ‍for Kitchen Aid grills⁣ from BBQration. The stainless steel cooking grates, burners, and ‍heat⁤ plates have significantly enhanced ‌our cooking performance ⁣and durability. We can ​now ⁢cook⁤ with confidence‍ knowing that these solid stainless steel parts are built ⁣to withstand the elements, resist corrosion, and ‍provide ‌lasting durability for many barbecue sessions to come.

The ⁤package contents of 3-pack⁣ 7mm ⁤solid stainless steel cooking grates, 4-pack heat​ plates, 4-pack burners, and ceramic electrode & wire ​have seamlessly replaced the⁣ worn-out parts of our Kitchen Aid⁤ grill. The cooking​ grid dimensions of 18⁢ 7/8″ x ‌9 ‍7/8″ each, along ‍with the​ heat plate dimensions of ​16 1/8″ x 3​ 1/4″, and burner dimensions of 16 15/16″ ⁤fit perfectly in our grill. BBQration’s focus on serving barbecue lovers is ‌evident in the attention to detail and quality of these replacement parts.‍ Upgrade your grilling game today ‌with the Replacement Kit for ⁢Kitchen Aid grills‍ and enjoy improved cooking performance and durability.Recommendation for Improved ‍Kitchenaid Grill Experience
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If you’re looking to enhance your Kitchenaid‍ grill experience, we highly recommend the Replacement ‌Kit from BBQration. This⁣ kit includes​ 3-Pack 7mm Solid⁤ Stainless ‍Steel Cooking Grates, ⁣4-Pack⁤ Heat Plates, 4-Pack‌ Burners, and‍ Ceramic Electrode & Wire, ⁢ensuring that you have all the necessary parts⁢ for ⁣a seamless grilling⁢ session.⁢ The‌ stainless steel construction provides greater durability,‌ making⁣ it ideal for withstanding the elements and resisting corrosion. With precise dimensions for each component,⁤ you can rest assured that these replacement parts will fit your Kitchenaid grill perfectly.

To elevate your grilling game, ⁢the BBQration Replacement Kit is a must-have accessory. The stainless steel ‌cooking grates, ‌heat plates, and burners ⁣are designed to enhance ​the ​performance of your Kitchenaid grill, delivering even heat ‌distribution and optimal grilling ‍results. ⁢Whether you’re cooking for family gatherings or⁣ backyard BBQ parties, this ​kit ‌will ensure that your grill ‌is in ‌top condition. Don’t miss out on the opportunity ⁣to elevate your grilling ‌experience with these durable and reliable replacement parts.‌ Click ⁤here to get your ​hands on this essential kit: BBQration Replacement Kit ⁣on Amazon. ‌ Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews ⁤Analysis

After going through the reviews from our customers who have tried⁤ the BBQration ⁢Kitchen‍ Aid Replacement Parts, we found​ a mix of ⁣opinions and experiences. Here is a⁢ breakdown of what customers had to say:

Reviewer #1

One customer​ expressed dissatisfaction with ⁣the replacement‌ parts, mentioning that ⁢they ‌were not true to the original KitchenAid parts. They highlighted issues⁤ with‌ the⁤ burners lacking proper screws and being slightly shorter, affecting the gas flow. The burner⁢ covers were also mentioned​ to be too short, causing them to fall out of​ place easily. Based on this review, it seems‌ like‌ the customer recommends opting ⁤for⁢ original manufactured parts instead of the​ knock off ​replacements.

Reviewer #2

On the ​other hand,⁣ another⁤ customer had a more positive experience with the product. They mentioned that⁣ the replacement parts were a close fit for their KitchenAid BBQ and were able to make slight adjustments to make ‌them work effectively. Although⁤ they received one ⁣grill less than expected, they managed to make it work by using one of their existing grills. The customer ‍also pointed‍ out the‌ acceptable construction and quality of the product, expressing satisfaction with their purchase.

Points Mentioned Satisfied Issues Faced
Fit to BBQ
Adjustments Needed
Missing Parts

Overall, it seems like ⁣customers ‌have had mixed ⁣experiences with the ​BBQration Kitchen Aid Replacement Parts. While some faced issues with​ the fit ⁤and quality​ of the⁤ parts, ⁤others were able to make adjustments and use the ⁤product ‌effectively. It’s important to consider individual requirements and preferences when deciding whether these replacement parts are suitable for ‌your​ grilling needs.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Material: The​ solid stainless steel⁤ cooking grates, ‌burners, and ⁢heat plates provide ⁢great durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Wide Compatibility: This replacement kit is ⁢suitable for various Kitchen Aid grill⁢ models, making it versatile and convenient.
  • Complete​ Package: The ​kit includes ‍everything you ​need for a‌ full replacement, ensuring you have all the⁤ necessary parts in one⁤ purchase.
  • Easy Installation: ‍The parts are designed to be easy to install, allowing you to upgrade your grill ⁢quickly and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced ⁣Performance: By replacing old and ⁢worn-out parts with these stainless steel components, ⁤you can improve the performance and ⁢efficiency of your grill.


Compatibility Concerns: Some users may ⁢encounter compatibility issues with certain Kitchen ​Aid grill models, so it’s important to double-check your grill’s specifications ⁣before purchasing.
Cost: While the quality and durability of the stainless steel parts are⁢ worth the investment, the ⁣kit may be ⁤on the higher end of the price range for replacement grill ⁣parts.
Customer Support: While the⁤ product ​description mentions contacting customer support for any problems, some users may find it challenging to⁢ reach ⁣out for assistance if needed.

Overall,‌ the BBQration Kitchen Aid Parts replacement kit offers a great‌ solution for upgrading and revitalizing your grill ‍with high-quality stainless steel components. Just be sure⁣ to‍ verify compatibility with your specific grill model and budget accordingly for this investment‌ in your grilling experience. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance. ‌ Q&A
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Q: How do I know if these replacement parts will fit⁤ my Kitchen ‍Aid grill?
A: We recommend ⁤checking the model number of your grill before ⁤purchasing to ensure that these parts are compatible. The replacement kit is ‍designed to fit Kitchen Aid 4-Burner Gas Grills 860-0012, 720-0745,‌ 720-0745A, 720-0745B, 720-0745D,⁢ 730-0745, 730-0745A, 730-0745B, and 730-0745D, as‍ well as ⁢Kitchen⁤ Aid 30″ Built-in ⁣4-Burner Gas Grills 740-0780. If you have any doubts, feel free to⁤ reach out to us for assistance.

Q: Are these parts durable?
A: Yes, these replacement parts are made of solid stainless steel, which provides superior durability and resistance to⁣ corrosion. They ⁢are designed to withstand⁤ the elements and last for many barbecue ⁣seasons to come.

Q: How many pieces are included in the package?
A: The package ⁤includes 3-Pack 7mm Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, 4-Pack Heat Plates, 4-Pack Burners, and Ceramic Electrode & Wire. This comprehensive kit ⁤has everything you⁣ need to‍ upgrade and renew your​ Kitchen Aid grill.

Q: Can I ‍use these‍ replacement parts for other ⁢grill⁣ brands?
A: While these parts are⁤ specifically designed for⁢ Kitchen Aid grills, ⁤they may also be ​compatible with certain ‌Nexgrill models. We recommend checking⁣ the dimensions⁤ and specifications of your current grill parts to ensure compatibility. If⁢ you have⁣ any questions, don’t hesitate to contact‍ us​ for more information.

Feel ​free to browse our website for more details on ​the BBQration brand and ‍our ​commitment to providing⁤ high-quality barbecue accessories‍ for grill enthusiasts. If you‌ have any further questions or concerns about our products, please reach out to us—we’re here to help enhance your grilling experience.‌ Unlock Your Potential
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As we wrap up​ our review‌ of the BBQration‌ Kitchen Aid Parts replacement kit, we⁢ are ⁤confident that‌ this product will take your⁢ grilling⁣ game to the next level.‌ With⁤ solid stainless steel cooking grates, burners, and heat plates, durability and performance are guaranteed.‌

If ⁢you are ready to upgrade your ‌grill and enhance your outdoor cooking experience, click ​here to purchase the BBQration Kitchen Aid ⁤Parts replacement kit now: Get your kit⁣ here!

Remember,‌ at BBQration,⁢ we are⁣ dedicated to serving barbecue lovers like you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Happy ⁤grilling!

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