Upgrade Your BMW 3/4 Series: Android10 Multimedia Player Review

Welcome to​ our review of the Android10 F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84‍ 4+64G Black ⁣Screen Display Monitor GPS‍ Navigation Audio Video Stereo ⁢Multimedia Player for BMW 3/4 M3 M4 2012-2016​ NBT. In this post, we will be sharing ⁤our first-hand experience with this innovative ‍product designed specifically for ​BMW enthusiasts. With‍ features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 8core CPU,​ Android10 OS, and a high-definition 10.25-inch screen, this multimedia player promises to ⁤enhance ⁣your driving experience with GPS​ navigation, video player support,‍ and much more. Join us as we delve into⁤ the details of this cutting-edge device and​ find ⁢out ⁣if it lives up⁣ to its promises.

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The Android10 F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84 4+64G Black Screen Display Monitor GPS⁢ Navigation ‍Audio Video Stereo Multimedia Player for ‌BMW 3/4 ​M3 M4 2012-2016 NBT system is a perfect fit for your BMW ‌3 Series or 4 Series. With ​a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8core CPU and Android10 OS, this multimedia player offers a responsive and stable user experience. The 10.25-inch high-definition​ screen is ideal for⁤ viewing 1080P ⁣videos and 3D maps while the‍ G+G capacitive touch ‌screen allows for seamless navigation.

This‌ multimedia ​player retains all original radio functions like CD,​ Bluetooth, rear camera, radar, and iDrive knob control. It also supports Wireless CarPlay, rearview cameras, radar, and has internal WiFi built-in. The package ‍includes all ⁤necessary cables for a plug-and-play ⁤installation, and the PDF electronic user manual can be found ⁣inside the apps. Upgrade your BMW audio‌ system effortlessly with this Android multimedia player and enjoy the ‌best of both Android and original system features. Don’t hesitate to get professional technical guidance ⁣if you encounter ‍any issues during installation. Check out this incredible multimedia player on Amazon now!

Impressive⁣ Features and Functions

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The Android10 F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84 4+64G Black Screen Display Monitor GPS Navigation Audio⁤ Video Stereo Multimedia Player for BMW 3/4 M3 M4 2012-2016⁤ NBT system‌ is packed with that will enhance your driving experience. This ⁤multimedia ⁤player is ⁣specially designed for BMW 3 Series and 4 ⁢Series models ⁤with the ​NBT system, featuring a‍ Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core CPU, Android 10 ​OS, 4GB RAM, and 64GB ROM. The full ‌lamination black screen offers a⁤ high-definition ‌10.25inch display ​with a 16:9⁤ aspect ratio and G+G capacitive touch screen⁣ that supports multi-touch capabilities. The built-in GPS navigation system allows for easy navigation on the road, while ​the support for 1080P video playback ⁣ensures an immersive entertainment experience.

With this ‌multimedia player, you ‌can enjoy features such as⁢ 720P/1080P HD DVR recording,⁣ support‌ for rearview camera and radar, internal WiFi⁤ connectivity, and wireless CarPlay functionality. The unit retains original radio functions like radio, CD, Bluetooth, rear camera, radar, and iDrive knob control. You can switch between the Android and‌ original system easily with the ⁣press ⁣of‌ a button, and⁤ all necessary ‌cables are ⁢included in the package for a plug-and-play ‌installation.⁢ For a seamless upgrade to your BMW’s audio system, consider the Android10 F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84 multimedia player. Get yours today and take‌ your driving experience to the next level! Visit the link below for more information: Check​ it out on Amazon

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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Upon​ diving into an in-depth analysis of the Android10 F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84 Black Screen⁤ Display Monitor​ GPS Navigation Audio Video Stereo Multimedia Player, we were ​particularly impressed by‌ its Qualcomm‌ Snapdragon 8core CPU and Android10 OS combination. This powerful⁣ setup, paired with⁣ 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, ensures a ​smooth and responsive user experience with ample storage space for⁣ multimedia content. The 10.25-inch high definition display with a ‌resolution of 1920 x⁢ 720 and G+G Capacitive touch screen technology delivers crisp visuals and intuitive touch controls.

One of ​the standout features of this ⁢multimedia player ⁣is its ability​ to retain original radio functions such as radio, CD, Bluetooth,‌ rear camera, radar, and iDrive ‌knob‌ control. The seamless integration with BMW​ 3 Series and 4‍ Series‍ models from 2012 to 2016 NBT ‍systems​ ensures a hassle-free installation process. With the ⁢included cables and GPS antenna, users can easily upgrade their car audio system to ⁢enjoy features like built-in⁣ GPS navigation, support for 1080P‌ video playback, wireless CarPlay,⁤ and⁢ much⁣ more. For those looking to enhance their driving⁣ experience ⁢with advanced multimedia capabilities,​ this Android10‌ multimedia⁤ player ​is a top recommendation. If you’re ready to take your car’s entertainment system to the next level, check it out on⁢ Amazon through the link below!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

After ⁢assessing several customer reviews, ⁢we’ve gathered valuable insights on the Android10 Multimedia Player for​ BMW 3/4 Series. Here’s ‍a​ summary of what customers had ​to ⁣say:


  • Easy installation process, with ‌some helpful resources available online.
  • Responsive touch screen with bright ‌and crisp‌ video quality.
  • Seamless wireless CarPlay functionality.
  • Great ⁤customer service for troubleshooting and support.


  • Some customers experienced connectivity issues, particularly with blue ⁤screen‌ and ‌no signal errors under hot conditions.
  • Initial setup instructions could be clearer.
  • Some users reported slight crackling in native BT audio, but no issues with Android⁤ Auto or third-party apps.
  • UI can be somewhat⁤ clunky and finicky.


Overall, customers highly ‌recommend⁢ the ⁢Android10 Multimedia Player for BMW 3/4 Series⁢ for its advanced features, seamless ‍integration with wireless ⁢CarPlay, and significant upgrade from‍ stock factory units. If you’re looking ⁤to⁢ enhance your driving experience with a versatile multimedia ‌player,‍ this product is ‍worth considering.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ‌Cons


1. High definition ⁢10.25-inch IPS display with true color
2. Built-in⁢ GPS ⁢navigation ​system for easy travel
3. Supports 1080P video‍ playback for a crisp viewing experience
4.‍ Retains original radio ⁢functions for convenience
5. Android10 OS⁤ with Snapdragon 8core CPU ⁤for responsiveness


1. Not ⁤compatible with EVO⁤ system, only works with NBT system
2. Some 2016 models may ⁢have EVO system, ensure compatibility before purchase
3. Installation may require careful attention to wiring and setting
4. ⁤May​ encounter issues with sound and signal if ⁣fiber optic cables​ are not ⁤relocated‍ correctly
5. Protection film on screen may cause bubbles, requiring removal​ before use


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Q: Does ‌this Android10 ⁤Multimedia ‌Player ⁣work with all BMW 3 Series and 4 Series models?

A: This multimedia player​ is specially made for BMW ⁣3 Series⁣ and 4 Series models ⁤including F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36/F80/F82/F83/F84 from 2012-2016⁤ with NBT⁣ system and 6Pin⁢ LVDS. It is not compatible⁤ with EVO system models, so please check your radio menu to ⁣confirm the system before purchasing.

Q: Can ‌I still​ use my original radio features after installing this multimedia player?

A: Yes, you can retain‍ and use⁢ original radio features‍ such as iDrive Knob control, Bluetooth, Radio, OEM⁤ rear camera, Radar, and steering wheel ‌control even after upgrading to the Android10 multimedia player. You can​ easily switch between the original radio and Android system features.

Q: How does the installation process work for this multimedia player?

A: The installation ⁣process is nondestructive and⁢ straightforward. The package includes all necessary ⁣wires ​and cables for‍ installation, ​as well as‍ an‍ installation guidance document. We recommend reading​ the guidance fully ‍before installation to prevent any ⁣issues. If you encounter any problems during installation,⁢ please‌ reach out to us for professional technical guidance.

Q: Can I ‍customize the⁢ user⁣ interface on​ this multimedia player?

A: Yes, you can customize ⁤the user interface by choosing between ‌different UI options such as ID5, ID6, and ⁣ID7 within⁤ the settings of ⁢the multimedia player. This allows you to personalize ‌the display to your preference.

Q: ⁤Does this ⁤multimedia player support ‌Wireless CarPlay?

A:⁢ Yes, this multimedia​ player supports Wireless‍ CarPlay, making it easy for you to connect and use CarPlay features ‌without ⁣the ⁢need for cables. Enjoy ‌seamless connectivity ‍with your iPhone while driving.

If you have any other questions​ or need⁢ further assistance regarding the Android10 Multimedia Player for BMW 3/4 Series, feel free to ⁤contact us. We are here⁢ to help with any ‍inquiries or concerns ⁢you may have.

Embrace a New Era

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As we conclude our review of the⁢ Android10 Multimedia Player for BMW ⁤3/4 Series, we are confident‍ that​ this innovative⁢ device will truly ⁤enhance your driving experience. With features like built-in GPS navigation, support⁣ for HD‌ video playback, and⁤ seamless ⁢integration with your existing BMW system, this multimedia player ⁤is a must-have upgrade for any BMW 3/4 Series owner.

If you’re ready to take your ​BMW⁢ to the next level, click here to purchase the Android10 Multimedia Player now ⁢and enjoy a whole ⁤new world of entertainment and functionality in your car: Buy Now!

Thank you for joining us on this journey of ⁢discovery. We hope this ‌review has been ‍helpful ⁤in showcasing the benefits of this remarkable ⁤product.⁢ Drive safe and ⁣enjoy the ride with the Android10 Multimedia Player!

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