Revitalize Your Body with 100pcs Moxibustion Patches: Pure Nature Foot Pads for Ultimate Relief!

Revitalize Your Body with 100pcs Moxibustion Patches: Pure Nature Foot Pads for Ultimate Relief!

Welcome to our product review blog post! Today, we’re excited to share our first-hand⁢ experience with⁢ the “(100pcs)⁤ Moxibustion Patches 艾灸贴 ‍Pure‍ Nature Moxa ​Sticker Foot ⁣Pads Chinese Traditional Paste for Neck, Shoulder, Back,⁢ Waist, Hand, Feet, Joint, ⁢7 *​ 10cm, Pack of 10”.

If you’re looking ​for a natural way‌ to relieve discomfort and ​fatigue, these moxibustion patches could be just what ​you need. With their simple,‍ convenient, and efficient design, they offer a hassle-free solution for targeting specific areas like ‌the shoulder, cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, joints, and legs.

Made⁢ from a blend‌ of Chinese ​mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng, mint, crystal sugar, Chinese⁢ angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, these⁣ patches harness the power of pure natural​ plant extraction. ​They come in a ​pack of 10,⁣ each measuring 7 * 10cm, ensuring that you have an ample supply to address ​your discomfort.

The⁢ structural ‍properties ⁣of these patches include a ​non-woven backing layer, gel layer, and a polyethylene film cover, providing a reliable⁢ and ⁤comfortable experience. However, it’s important to read the instructions carefully​ before use to ensure proper application.

To⁢ ensure optimal results, there ​are a few suggestions to keep ⁣in mind. It’s recommended to wipe the required area before applying the patch and consider applying some cream ‍beforehand. Please⁢ avoid⁤ using these⁢ patches on sensitive skin, hair, or areas prone⁢ to sweating to prevent shedding. Additionally, children ‍should‌ always use these patches under adult supervision.⁤

Furthermore, the moxibustion patches should be ⁣stored in a cold⁢ and dry place, away from light.‍ It is also noteworthy that these patches are not ⁢suitable for pregnant ⁤women and those in their lactation period.

Overall, our first-hand experience with the “(100pcs) Moxibustion Patches 艾灸贴⁣ Pure Nature Moxa Sticker​ Foot Pads ⁤Chinese⁤ Traditional ⁤Paste for ⁤Neck, Shoulder, ‍Back, Waist, Hand,⁣ Feet, Joint, 7 * 10cm,⁤ Pack of 10” has⁢ been positive. They have ⁣proven to ⁤be a reliable and convenient solution for ⁤relieving discomfort and fatigue. Stay tuned as we ⁤delve deeper ⁤into ⁣our experience and provide ⁤you with ⁤more insights ‍in⁤ our upcoming blog posts!

Table of Contents

Overview of the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches

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The (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches are ⁢a⁣ natural and effective solution for​ relieving discomfort and fatigue in‌ various parts of the body. Made from a blend of Chinese mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng, mint, crystal⁣ sugar, Chinese angelica, and ⁢Ligusticum ‍chuanxiong Hort, these patches⁢ provide targeted relief for⁣ areas ‍such as the neck,​ shoulders, back, waist, hands, feet, and joints.

With a dimension of 7 * 10 cm, the structural properties​ of​ these⁣ patches consist of⁢ a non-woven backing layer, gel layer, ‍and polyethylene film cover. They are‍ designed for one-time external use and are easy to⁢ apply. Before ‌usage, ⁢it⁤ is recommended ⁣to‍ wipe the desired ⁢area and even apply some cream to ensure a smooth application.

However, it is important to note‌ a few precautions.⁤ These patches should ‌not be applied to sensitive skin‍ or areas prone to sweating ​to avoid‌ shedding. Additionally, they are not suitable⁣ for pregnant women during their ​lactation period. It is advisable to store the patches in ⁤a ‍sealed container⁤ in a cold and dry ‌place ‌to maintain their effectiveness. The (100pcs)​ Moxibustion ‌Patches‍ provide‌ a simple, convenient, and efficient solution for discomfort relief,‍ anytime and anywhere. ⁤Try them out and experience the benefits ⁢for yourself!

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Highlighted Features and Aspects ⁣of the Moxibustion Patches

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  • Ingredient Composition: Our Moxibustion ​Patches are made from ​a blend of Chinese mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng, mint, crystal sugar, Chinese ‌angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. These‍ natural ingredients work together to provide soothing relief to various discomfort areas, including the neck, shoulder, back, waist, hand, feet, and joints.

  • Structural Design: ‌Each patch features a well-thought-out composition, consisting of a non-woven backing ‌layer, gel layer, and ‍a‍ polyethylene film​ cover. This design ensures optimal delivery of⁣ the therapeutic properties and⁤ enhances the overall effectiveness of the patches.

  • User-Friendly Instructions: To maximize the benefits ‍of​ the patches, it is essential to follow the provided instructions. We recommend wiping‍ the area before applying the patch ‍and using cream for added comfort. However, please note that these patches should not⁤ be applied to ​sensitive skin or areas prone to sweating. Additionally, they are not suitable for pregnant women or during lactation. For safe storage, keep the patches sealed in a cold and dry place.

  • Disposable and Convenient: Our Moxibustion Patches are designed for one-time external‍ use, providing a hassle-free⁣ experience. They are smokeless and can⁤ be used anytime, anywhere, ⁤making them an⁢ ideal solution for on-the-go⁣ relief.

  • Pure​ Natural ​Plant Extraction: We ​take pride in ⁤using pure natural‍ plant extraction methods to create these patches. ⁤This ensures ‍that you​ are benefiting from the holistic healing ⁢properties⁢ of the ‌ingredients without any harmful additives or chemicals.

  • Shelf Life and Dimensions: Each pack contains 100 patches, measuring 7 * 10 ‌cm. The ⁢shelf life ⁢of the product is 24 months, giving you ample ‍time to utilize the patches for your well-being.

Discover‌ the ultimate solution for​ discomfort relief and fatigue with our Moxibustion Patches. Experience the convenience, efficiency,‌ and natural healing capabilities of these high-quality patches.​ Order now from our trusted⁢ supplier on⁣ Amazon​ and unleash the power of traditional⁤ Chinese paste therapy.⁣ Click⁤ here to purchase: [Call to Action link].

Detailed Insights and ⁣Recommendations ⁢for the Moxibustion Patches

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Detailed Insights:
The Moxibustion Patches are a pure and​ natural solution ‌for ​relieving discomfort and⁢ fatigue in various parts of the body.⁢ Composed of Chinese mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng,⁣ mint, crystal sugar, Chinese angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, ‌these patches ⁤provide ​a holistic‍ approach to pain relief. The patches are structured with a non-woven​ backing layer, gel layer, and ​polyethylene film cover ‍for optimal ‌effectiveness.

The instructions ​for using​ the Moxibustion Patches are straightforward. It is important to wipe ⁢the designated area before applying the patch ​and consider using some cream for⁣ added comfort.⁤ However, it ⁤is⁣ crucial to avoid using the patches on ‌sensitive‌ skin, hairy areas, and spots prone to sweating.​ Additionally, children⁤ should use these patches under adult‌ supervision, and pregnant women or those in their lactation period should refrain ​from using them. The patches come ​in a pack of ⁤10 and have ⁢a shelf life of 24 months, ensuring that you have a long-lasting supply. ​


  1. Apply the Moxibustion Patches for targeted relief from discomfort in the shoulder, cervical and ‌lumbar vertebrae, joints, and legs.
  2. Make sure to ⁤follow​ the instructions‌ carefully ⁤to maximize the effectiveness of⁢ the patches.
  3. Keep the patches sealed and store them in⁢ a cold and dry place to preserve their quality. ⁢
  4. For a smokeless, anytime solution, these ⁤patches prove to be simple, convenient, and efficient pain relief remedy.

Overall, the Moxibustion Patches offer a natural alternative for relieving ‍discomfort and ⁤fatigue. With their unique composition ​and easy-to-follow instructions, they provide ​targeted relief for various⁣ areas of⁣ the body. If you’re looking for a convenient, user-friendly solution for your pain relief needs, give the Moxibustion Patches⁤ a try.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here ⁣is what our⁢ customers have to ‌say ⁢about‍ the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches 艾灸贴 Pure Nature Moxa Sticker Foot ⁤Pads:

  1. “Just as ​described fast delivery I ‌will buy⁢ again”

    Review: The customer is‌ satisfied⁤ with the product and the fast delivery. They express intent to purchase again.

  2. “I feel the warmth ⁤immediately.”

    Review: The customer​ appreciates the‌ immediate warming effect of the patches. ⁢They are‌ happy with the amount of product received and the strong herbal scent.

  3. “We felt no heat it did absolutely nothing for us.”

    Review: ⁣This customer did not ‌experience any heat or⁤ benefits from the patches.‌ They mention skin ‌irritation.

  4. “Pain relief ‍is minimal.”

    Review: The customer is not impressed‌ with the pain relief provided by the patches. They also mention that the patches burn and hurt when removed.

  5. “He tenido excelente experiencia y resultados con ⁢el producto y lo voy a ⁣volver a pedir gracias, ⁢pero el‍ anterior pedido⁤ hecho para recibirlo‍ en Julio jamás lo recibí en la casa????”

    Review: The customer expresses a positive experience and results with the product, mentioning their intent to order again. They also mention⁤ a previous order that was not received.

  6. “Those patches are very ⁢good. They work wonders and I​ have been able to⁣ share with people.”

    Review: The customer highly praises‍ the patches, describing them as working wonders and even sharing them ⁢with others.

  7. “They ⁤stay on for⁣ about ‍a ​day.”

    Review:‌ The customer mentions that the patches​ have ‌good adhesive properties and stay on for approximately a ‌day. They also describe how the‌ patches have helped ⁢with various pains and conditions.

  8. “First⁢ of all, it’s affordable.”

    Review: The ⁣customer appreciates ⁢the affordability of the‌ product. However, they mention that the thin layer⁣ of ‍medicine may affect the effectiveness.

  9. “The product‌ is almost perfect if different sizes ⁢can be offered to suite larger areas.”

    Review: The customer ⁣suggests ​offering different sizes of patches​ to ⁢accommodate ⁣larger areas.

From the customer reviews, it ​is ‍evident that the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches 艾灸贴 Pure‍ Nature⁢ Moxa Sticker Foot Pads have⁤ received ⁣mixed feedback. While some customers praise the warming effect⁢ and effectiveness of the patches, others ‍express dissatisfaction ‌with the lack ⁢of heat and minimal pain relief. Skin irritation​ and discomfort during removal are also ⁤mentioned⁢ by a few customers. However, there are positive experiences where customers have found ‌the patches to work​ wonders and ​provide‍ relief for ​various pains and conditions.

To summarize, the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches 艾灸贴 Pure Nature Moxa Sticker Foot Pads may vary in effectiveness from person to person. ​Additional options for different sizes could ​enhance ⁣the product’s usability‍ for larger⁣ areas.

Pros & Cons

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  1. Easy to use: The⁤ moxibustion ​patches are simple and convenient to apply, making it easy⁤ for anyone ​to use⁤ them at‍ home.
  2. Multiple uses: These patches ​can be applied ​to various parts of the body, including ⁢the neck, ⁤shoulder, back, waist, hand, feet,​ and ⁤joints,‍ providing ⁣relief ‍in multiple ‍areas.
  3. Relieves discomfort: The moxibustion patches are designed to help relieve ‍discomfort and fatigue, making ⁢them a great option for those experiencing muscle soreness or ‌tension.
  4. Pure natural ingredients: The patches are made from pure natural plant extracts,​ including Chinese mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng,⁤ mint, crystal sugar, Chinese angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort, ensuring a natural ⁣and holistic approach to‍ pain relief.
  5. Smokeless: Unlike traditional moxibustion methods, these patches are smokeless, allowing​ you​ to use​ them anytime and anywhere without ⁣worrying about smoke or odor.


  1. Not suitable for sensitive skin: The moxibustion patches may not be suitable for⁣ individuals with sensitive skin, as they can cause irritation or allergic ⁣reactions.
  2. Not suitable ⁢for⁤ pregnant women: ‌This product is not recommended for pregnant women or those in their lactation period, as ⁣there‍ may be potential risks.
  3. Disposable: ​The patches ⁤are disposable,⁤ meaning they can only be used ⁤once. This may not be preferable for those ⁤looking for‍ a reusable ‍or long-lasting solution.
  4. Storage requirements: The patches need to ⁢be ⁤stored in ‍a sealed, ⁣cold, and dry​ place‍ away from‍ light. This⁤ may ⁣be inconvenient for individuals ⁤who prefer ⁤a more easily accessible pain relief⁤ option.


Q: How long ⁤should‌ I ​use the Moxibustion‍ Patches for?

A: ‍The Moxibustion Patches are designed for one-time external use. ⁣Simply apply the patch to the desired area and remove after use. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for specific duration⁢ and frequency⁢ of use ‍for your particular ⁤needs.

Q: Can I use the‍ Moxibustion Patches on sensitive skin?

A: It is not advised to use ⁤the​ patches on sensitive skin. If you have sensitive ​skin or are prone‌ to allergies, it ​is best ‍to perform a patch test on ⁣a‍ small area of skin before applying the patches to larger areas.

Q: Can I ⁤use the Moxibustion Patches ⁣during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

A: No, the​ Moxibustion Patches⁢ are not suitable for pregnant women‌ or during the lactation period. It is ‌important to prioritize the safety of both the mother and the⁣ baby, so please refrain from ​using ‍the patches ‌during​ these ⁤times.

Q:‍ Are the Moxibustion Patches reusable?

A: ​No, the Moxibustion Patches are disposable and designed for one-time‍ use only. Please ‍dispose of the used patches properly after each use.

Q:⁣ How​ should I store the Moxibustion Patches?

A: It is recommended to ⁤store the​ patches in a sealed container away from light, in a cool and dry‌ place. This will‌ help ​preserve the quality and effectiveness of the ⁢patches for the⁤ duration of their shelf life.

Q: Can children⁢ use the Moxibustion⁢ Patches?

A: Children should only use the Moxibustion Patches under adult⁤ supervision. It is ⁣important to ensure​ the safety ⁣and‍ appropriate usage of the patches when applying them ⁤to children.

Q: Are ‍there any specific precautions I⁢ should be ‌aware of ⁣when using the⁣ Moxibustion Patches?

A: Yes, ‍please‌ keep ‌in mind the following precautions: 1) ‍Wipe the area before applying the patch.⁤ 2) Applying some​ cream to the area beforehand is recommended. 3) Do not apply​ the patches to sensitive‌ skin or areas prone to sweating. 4) Avoid ⁣applying the patches ‍to hair⁢ to prevent shedding. 5) Store the patches away from ‍light​ in a ⁣cold and‍ dry​ place. Always ⁣read and follow the instructions provided with ​the‌ product.

Q: What are the dimensions of each Moxibustion Patch?

A:⁢ Each‌ Moxibustion Patch measures⁢ 7 * 10‍ cm, making ‌them suitable for⁣ various body parts such as the ​neck, shoulder, back,‌ waist, hand, feet, and joints.

Q: Are the Moxibustion Patches smokeless?

A: Yes, the Moxibustion Patches are smokeless, allowing you to​ use them⁢ conveniently and discreetly anytime, anywhere.

Q: What are the main ingredients in the Moxibustion Patches?

A: The Moxibustion Patches are made⁤ from pure natural plant extracts, including Chinese ‍mugwort leaf, pseudo-ginseng, mint, crystal sugar, Chinese angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong ⁤Hort.

Please note that ‍while ⁤these patches are designed ​to help with discomfort and fatigue⁢ relief, ​individual experiences may vary.​ It is always⁣ advisable to consult with a healthcare professional ‍for personalized ‌guidance and recommendations.

Discover ‍the Power

In⁣ conclusion, ⁤if you’re looking for a natural and effective way to revitalize‌ your body and find ultimate relief, look no further than the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches. These Pure Nature Foot⁣ Pads are the perfect solution‌ for ‌targeting‍ discomfort in various⁢ areas, including ⁣the neck, shoulder, back, waist,‌ hand,​ feet, and ​joints.

With ingredients like Chinese mugwort ‍leaf, pseudo-ginseng, mint, crystal sugar, Chinese angelica, and Ligusticum chuanxiong ⁤Hort, these patches offer a pure and natural approach​ to healing. The structural properties of these patches, composed of non-woven backing layer, gel layer, polyethylene film cover, and more, ensure ‍a comfortable and secure application.

Before using, make sure to carefully read the instructions provided. It is essential to wipe the required area before application and consider using ⁤some cream to enhance⁣ the experience. Be cautious ‍not to apply the patches to⁣ sensitive skin, hair, or areas prone⁣ to sweating to avoid ‍any shedding issues.

These patches are disposable and designed⁣ for external use only. Remember to‌ keep‌ them away from light and store them in⁢ a cold and dry place ‍for optimal shelf‌ life.‌ While they offer incredible relief, it’s important to note that they are not suitable ‌for pregnant women or those in their‍ lactation period.

Ultimately, the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches⁤ provide a‌ simple, convenient, and efficient way to dispel discomfort and relieve fatigue. Their⁣ smokeless nature allows you to ‌use them anytime, ⁤anywhere, making them a versatile solution for your needs.

If you’re ⁢ready to experience the wonders⁣ of moxibustion and give your body the relief it deserves, click here to purchase the (100pcs) Moxibustion Patches ⁣now!

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