Compact and Efficient: CBB60 Operating Capacitor Review

Compact and Efficient: CBB60 Operating Capacitor Review

When it‍ comes to⁣ keeping our appliances running smoothly, having the right replacement parts on hand is crucial. One product that we’ve recently had the pleasure of trying out is the CBB60 Operating⁢ Capacitor 60uF​ 300V AC‍ 2-Wire 50/60Hz Cylinder 41x94mm. ​This ⁤capacitor⁤ is designed for use in motor ⁣blower air compressors and air conditioner compressors, making it a ‌versatile and ⁣essential component for those in the maintenance and repair industry. In this ​post, ​we’ll be​ sharing our first-hand experience with this capacitor and providing you with an in-depth review of its performance⁢ and features. So sit‌ back, relax,​ and let us walk you through everything you need to know about ⁢the CBB60 Operating Capacitor!

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Our team ⁣recently had the​ opportunity to‌ test out this CBB60 Operating Capacitor,​ and we were thoroughly impressed with its performance. With a capacitance of 60uF and a⁢ voltage‌ rating of⁣ 300VAC, ⁢this capacitor is‌ a reliable⁣ choice ⁢for motor blower, air compressor,​ and air conditioner compressor replacement parts. The cylindrical shape with a compact size of 41x94mm makes it easy to integrate into various applications seamlessly. The 2-wire design with a ​length of 12 cm ensures easy installation and ‍connection.

One standout ‌feature of this capacitor is its excellent electrical performance and low power loss, making it a⁤ durable and⁢ long-lasting option for your equipment. The self-healing properties and pressure-type explosion-proof device further enhance ⁤its safety and stability ⁣during operation. Additionally, the​ manufacturer’s strict quality ⁢control and selection of​ premium materials‌ ensure​ a high-quality ⁤product that you can trust. If you’re in need of a ‍reliable operating capacitor for your motor or compressor, we highly recommend checking out this CBB60 ⁢capacitor. Follow this link to get yours today: Order Now.

Key Features and Specifications

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The CBB60 Operating Capacitor offers a slew of impressive that make it a stand-out choice ⁤for motor blower, air compressor,⁢ and‍ air conditioner⁢ compressor replacement parts.​ This capacitor boasts a capacitance rating of 60uF‍ with a tolerance ⁢of 5%, making it a reliable component for a variety ⁤of applications. It can handle⁢ voltages up to⁣ 300V AC, operating seamlessly ‌on both 50 and‌ 60Hz frequencies. The compact cylindrical design⁣ measuring 41x94mm ensures easy installation and compatibility with ⁤a range of systems. Additionally, the capacitor is constructed with a durable⁣ polypropylene film ⁤material, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The capacitor’s aluminum metal shell not only provides a sleek‍ appearance but​ also offers excellent electrical performance with‍ minimal losses. Its self-healing ‌properties​ further enhance​ its durability, ensuring stable⁤ and efficient operation. The inclusion of a pressure-type explosion-proof device adds an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. Overall, ‍this capacitor is a reliable choice, thanks to its stable performance ⁣and compatibility with ‌single-phase AC motors. Don’t miss out on upgrading your system with this top-notch component –⁢ click here to get​ your hands on the CBB60 Operating Capacitor ​today!

Insights and Recommendations

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After extensively testing the CBB60 Operating‍ Capacitor, we were impressed by its exceptional electrical performance and minimal power ⁢loss. ⁣The small, lightweight cylindrical aluminum casing houses a 60uF capacitor ‌with a 5% tolerance and ‍a voltage rating of 300/250VAC, perfectly⁣ suited for motor blower, ‍air‌ compressor, ‌and air conditioner‍ compressor replacements. The pressure-type explosion-proof device inside ensures stable performance, making it an ideal match for single-phase AC motors. The capacitors’ self-healing ​properties further enhance their reliability, ensuring​ a longer lifespan for ⁢your machines.

  • The compact‍ design of the capacitor makes⁤ it⁤ easy to install in tight spaces.
  • Excellent electrical performance and ‌low power⁣ loss⁢ contribute to energy efficiency.

Manufactured by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang in China, this capacitor undergoes⁢ strict​ quality control measures and uses high-quality materials. ​The dual lead wires with a⁤ length of 12 ​cm provide flexibility during installation. The ⁣overall dimensions of 41x94mm⁣ (1.968 inches x 3.74 inches) ‌make it a versatile‍ component for various applications. If you’re looking for a reliable replacement part that ensures ‌smooth motor operation, this CBB60 Operating Capacitor is an excellent ⁤choice.

Package Dimensions 6.69 x 2.56 x‌ 2.09 inches
Item Model Number CBB60 60UF
Date⁢ First Available August 16,‍ 2022

Don’t miss out⁢ on upgrading your motor’s ⁢performance – get your hands on the CBB60 Operating Capacitor today! Order now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

After​ analyzing‍ the customer⁢ reviews for ⁢the ‍CBB60 Operating‍ Capacitor 60uF 300V AC, we have found that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Customers‍ have reported successful replacements and repairs‍ using this capacitor for various equipment such ⁤as wood ​splitters,​ apple grinders, log ‍splitters,‌ air compressors, and air⁢ conditioners.

Review Feedback
1 Use to replace capacitor in my grizzly wood splitter.​ Works‍ perfect.
2 Used ‌to ​repair an apple grinder⁢ with a 2 HP single phase motor that would not start.
3 Arrived fast and fit my 5-ton log splitter⁤ perfectly. It was ​even⁤ the same brand as the original capacitor.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the performance and quality of the CBB60 Operating Capacitor 60uF 300V ‍AC. It​ is a⁤ reliable ⁣and efficient replacement part‌ for motor blower, air compressor,​ and air conditioner compressors.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Compact Design: ‌The cylinder shape of this capacitor ⁤makes ⁣it easy to fit in tight spaces, perfect for use‌ in⁣ motor blower, air compressor, and air conditioner​ compressor replacement⁢ parts.

  2. Efficient ⁤Performance: With ‌a capacitance ⁢rating of ​60uF and a voltage rating of 300V​ AC, this operating capacitor provides excellent ‌electrical performance with low loss.

  3. High Quality Construction: ⁤ Made from polypropylene film, this capacitor⁤ is built to last, with a metal aluminum casing for added durability.

  4. Stable Performance: The pressure-type explosion-proof device inside ensures the stable and safe operation ‌of this​ capacitor, especially when paired with single-phase AC motors.

  5. Manufacturer Warranty: Comes from a reputable manufacturer with strict quality control processes and the option for customizations,​ providing peace of mind for buyers.


  1. No Installation‍ Instructions: ⁢Some users ‌may find it ‌challenging to install this capacitor without clear ⁤instructions, especially if they are not ​familiar with electronic components.

  2. Limited Compatibility: While this capacitor is suitable for various‌ applications, it may not⁢ be compatible with all motor blower, air compressor, or air conditioner compressor models, so⁤ double-check compatibility before purchasing.

  3. Single Size Option: ⁤The capacitor is ​only ⁤available in one size (41x94mm), which may not fit all​ equipment perfectly, requiring⁢ additional modifications for installation.

Pros Cons
Compact Design No Installation Instructions
Efficient Performance Limited Compatibility
High Quality Construction Single Size Option
Stable Performance
Manufacturer Warranty


Q: What are the dimensions of the CBB60 Operating Capacitor?
A: ‌The CBB60 Operating Capacitor has⁣ a ⁤cylinder shape with dimensions of 41x94mm, making it ⁢compact and ‌easy to install in ‌various ⁤appliances.

Q: What voltage does the CBB60 Operating‌ Capacitor support?
A:‌ The CBB60 Operating ‍Capacitor is rated for 300V AC, making it suitable‍ for a ⁤wide ⁣range of applications like motor⁤ blowers, air compressors, and air conditioner compressors.

Q: Can ‍the CBB60 Operating ⁣Capacitor be⁢ used for motor blower replacement ​parts?
A: Yes, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor is designed to be a reliable replacement part for motor blowers, air compressors, and‌ air conditioner compressors, providing efficient operation.

Q: Is the⁣ CBB60 Operating Capacitor durable?
A: Yes, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor is made with high-quality materials such as polypropylene film, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in various operating conditions.

Q: ⁤Where is the CBB60 Operating Capacitor‍ manufactured?
A: The CBB60 Operating Capacitor is manufactured in⁤ China ⁤by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang, a reputable company known for producing quality ‌electrical components.

Q:‍ Can the‌ CBB60 Operating Capacitor ⁤be ‍customized?
A: Yes, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor supports customizations to meet ​specific⁣ requirements, providing flexibility for different‍ applications and installations. ‌

Remember, when it ⁤comes to choosing a reliable⁣ operating capacitor for​ your appliances, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor is‍ a compact and ​efficient choice that won’t disappoint.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As ​we wrap up our review of the ⁢CBB60 Operating Capacitor, we can confidently say that this compact and efficient component is a valuable addition to any motor blower, air compressor, or air conditioner compressor. ⁤With its high-quality construction, excellent electrical performance, and stable operation, this ⁣capacitor truly stands out as a reliable replacement part.

If you’re in need of a new operating capacitor for your equipment, ‌look ⁣no further than ‍the CBB60. Its small size, light weight, and impressive features make it a top choice⁤ for ensuring ⁤smooth and reliable operation.

Ready ‍to upgrade your machinery⁢ with the ⁣CBB60 Operating Capacitor?‍ Click here to purchase yours⁢ today: Get⁣ your CBB60 Operating Capacitor now!

Thank you for ‍reading ⁢our review,⁤ and⁢ happy shopping!

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